A new shop in town

A new shop in town


In the midst of the snow flurry in February, a small shop opened in downtown Pendleton – calling themselves Old School Shirt Makers New York. Their name says it all. When you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by a tall man with a beard and a short gal with a smile. Kevin and Kay decided to transplant themselves from New York and chose to open their shop in our small town. With the smell of handcrafted candles and manly beard oils, you immediately understand the richness of their fabrics and personalized touch of each style. Their shirts, accompanied by knitted scarves, cool hats, and mens grooming supplies (among others) – this little shop joins other handmade crafters like their neighbor Lavender Mercantile and others down the street – Pendleton Hat Co., Stapleman’s Boots, Montana Peaks, Hamley’s. When asked why out of the whole world, they chose us, their answer was simple, “we like it here.” A common theme, I think we can all agree on and one that isn’t taken lightly. With a few updates inside, their space respects the raw brick and beautiful wood floors from the 19th century of the Medernach building and is joined by old time furniture and decor. Industrial lighting spots each custom shirt style and helps you along the quaint sections of the store, all while listening to yesterday’s jazz music in the background. If you don’t see something that strikes your fancy or if you just desire a one-of-kind product – they’ll make you your own shirt in style and fabric, perfectly measured to fit your size. They’re that good. The window displays are creative and fun. Look and you’ll notice, they change often – Kevin wouldn’t have it any other way. Perhaps it is their kind persona, or the fact that they’re so confident in their product – whatever it is, walking around in their shop made me excited to live here and will make you excited to as well. With most new additions, our town just keeps getting better and we’re lucky to have this kind of new store in our backyard. If you live here or are visiting – you have to stop by and see what all the fuss is about. I have a feeling, we’ll be seeing Kevin and Kay around town for a very long time.

Visit Old School Shirt Makers New York on 339 Main Street Tuesday – Sunday or make an appointment by calling (316) 641-1127. You won’t soon regret it.


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