• Online Profile & Directory. We develop a beautiful business profile page for your business, telling who you are and what you’re about through imagery and individual storytelling. Your Marketing Partner Profile will have links to your social media, website, phone number, address and a google map showing your location.
  • Social Media. We are active on social media and will be focusing on promoting local and telling the unique story of Pendleton via graphics & social media soundbytes. As a Marketing Partner your business will be included in mentions via posts or stories, 1-2 per month.
  • Specials, Sales, Promotions. When you share a special, sale, or promotion on your social media profile(s), ie. Facebook or Instagram, we will share your posts on our channels as well. All you have to do is send us the post from Facebook or tag us on Instagram. Easy! @visitpendleton, #ilovependleton, #pendletonlove
  • Blogging. As a partner, we want to promote you. You’re part of what makes Pendleton unique. We will tell your story via the Pendleton Love blog 1-2 per year.
  • SEO Boost. When you’re mentioned on Pendleton Love Facebook and Instagram, Pendleton Love website and our blog, your website is boosted with search engine optimization – i.e. when people search keywords, your business comes up higher on Google!
  • Collaborative Story. Pendleton Love is the one stop shop for locals and tourists alike. You’re a part of Pendleton and we’re telling people about it.
  • Advertise/Local Love Board. Let us help you tell your story. Say the word and we create your ad for you on our monthly Local Love Board.
  • Calendar. Are you doing something Pendleton should know about? We’ll include your event on the Pendleton Love website. Add your event here.
  • Education. Once a month join us for a sip and chat. As a marketing partner you are invited to spend an hour with us learning, discussing, and networking all things Pendleton. Some of the topics we will cover include, strategy, social media, marketing, all things local, community and business to assist in your business success.
  • Newsletter. Once a month we send out a newsletter with the latest Local Love Board and Pendleton Stories to our subscribers. As a Marketing Partner, we will include your specials, sales, and promotions in our newsletter. All you have to do is send us your information by the 15th of the month to be included in the following month newsletter blast. ie. May 15 deadline for June newsletter blast that will cover specials, sales, and promotions through the 15th of July.


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